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All’s Quit On The Western Front… NOT!

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All’s Quit On The Western Front… NOT!

 Hundreds of Acres Being Burnt Daily

For many months the terrorist activity from Gaza has been almost nil. With the warmer weather upon us, mature wheat fields ripe and nature reserves feeling the heat of summer, as in years past, Hamas has once again started sending incendiary devices attached to helium filled balloons but this time they have stepped it up a notch.

                No Kid’s Toy

              Fire Map

Waiting To Be Attached To Balloons

It is bad enough that the incendiary devices laden balloons set farm land on fire, burn nature reserves and kill the wild life but now they are adding explosive devices to them as well; It is now not uncommon to hear explosions over head as fiery balloons fall  to the ground.This new twist to an already horrific crime now it put our fire fighters, first responders, solders and volunteers lives in greater danger, not to mention the public. Whether the explosive devices are heat sensitive, on some sort of timer and just explode on impact makes little difference; they are designed to kill and maim anyone who is in proximity of them when they land.

Hundreds of Acres  Being Burnt Daily

For fire fighter who are many time right there in the middle of the fire as they fight them the possibility of one of them exploding is now a real vital concern to them.

In recent days Hamas has demanded 17 million dollars to halt this insanity. It has given Israel two weeks to send it. They have also placed other demands on Israel with the treat of an escalation if Israel does not meet their demands. They have also demanded an additional 13 million dollars from Qatar as part of their demands.

Chag Sachem / Happy Holidays


With the fall feast and holydays just around the corner we have been busy preparing gift bag with some of the necessities to help make the holydays a bit more festive and ease some of the financial burden that comes with them. Even in this heat and with Coved-19 they came to help. We will also will be able to help a few families with money as well this year. All this is possible because of your love and generosity. THANK YOU!

Summer Project

Girl’s Classroom

This summer we once again did some major painting for one of our local school. We used a four color pain scheme and it was well received by the teachers who came back to a new school year with what they said looked like a “new classroom”. We also made some repairs to broken floor tiles, replaced damaged door handles and door stops. This is the fifth time we have done this to a school in Sderot.

Boys Classroom


We did not get as far as we would have liked. Due to Coved-19 the school was open longer during the summer to try to make up for lost day from mandatory shutdowns. If possible, through the school year we will take one classroom at a time and repaint it.


                                        Thank You


Talking about help from our supporter; it is your generosity, your love and prayers that make everything we do possible and without your support, none of this would be possible. One of the organizations that helps us gave us over one hundred bag of diapers in all sizes. From those we help, our staff and me personally… THANK YOU!!!

Once again the school we work at was shut down today 13 Sept 2020 and all of Sderot will be shut down the Friday before Rosh Hoshana for fourteen day due to Coved-19.

It will make it more difficult for families here who will be out of a job to celebrate the fall feasts with simcha, “joy” in Hebrew. With your help we will do what we can to help as many as possible to have a joyful holiday season. Again Thank you for your love and support. To help Please click here

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