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Meet David

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David suffers from Arthrogryposis

Aaron and Miriam have six children, the youngest being eighteen months. David is the middle child. He was born still born but revived. He was later diagnosed with Arthrogryposis which is a congenital muscle problem that causes movement around a number of joints through tendon and muscle shortening.
He first started walking at age seven with the help of leg braces and crutches.
We first met David at the school he now attends when the principal asked us if there was some way we could raise the floor under one of the toilets so David could use the toilet without the help of an aid.
We installed a ramp and new floor so David could be independent, something he wants. We (Hope For Sderot) asked the school what shape the family was in and they told us that they could use some help.

After talking to his parents, we found out that this family has gone through a lot with medical bill and constant physical therapy. Wages have been garnished and bank accounts have been attached; to pay for past treatment. To add to that Aaron is only able to work part time due to the physical therapy schedule for David and Miriam is home taking care of the baby and the rest of the family.

Moshe wants to be independent

David has captivated our hearts. He wants to be independent and at the tender age of seven is not willing to let his disabilities stop him; He wants to be like everyone else!
Just the other day at school he wanted to be in a race with the rest of his class mates, so he put his crutches down and took off the best he could! His classmates, who also love him made sure David won. With his hands raised in victory and his classmates all cheering for him, his face lite up.
If you would like to help David and his family just click here and add a note that it is for David.


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