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The Aftermath of Monday and Looking Forward to Whats Next

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Today children were back in school after schools being closed due to the safety risk stemming from Monday and Tuesday’s terrorist attack.
The morning was not your normal morning at school. The atmosphere was somber and some children didn’t want to be here, yet we have all learned that life must go on.
To help combat the kid’s fears and anxieties teachers and children alike danced and danced  to song that magnify GOD and praise Him for His goodness and protection.
Using Art To Help Cope
There were also large sheets of paper and art supplies for the children to express their fears and anxieties. The balance of the day went on as normal…if you can call anything these children live with and go through normal..
Dancing To Help Cope
To help combat the kid’s fears and anxieties teachers and children alike danced and danced and danced to song that magnify GOD and praise Him for His goodness and protection.
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Dancing To Cope With Anxiety
According to news reports, they are predicting a 4th Gaza war that might start as early as Friday or this Shabbat. In anticipation the
Sing To Cope With Anxiety
IDF is amassing firepower around the Strip and calling in the reserves. Should war become inevitable, the needed troops will all be in place.

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Kids Art Work
The situation is tense and people are very concerned. To give you an example; the music in the car has been turned off as well as the window down… why? So you can hear the Tseva Adom alarm when it goes off; while driving, patience is thin… now, to wait in the car while someone runs into the store you feel like a sitting duck; you unbuckle your seat belt while you wait, just in case you have to find shelter… kids are now sleeping with their parents as we sit and wait for what will be.
Tanks Deployed On The Gaza Border
One mother today said…”What do you tell your children in the morning when they say “Mom, I’m still scared” or “I don’t feel like getting up or mom, I’m tired”. How is it possible to watch again and again from our children to return to routine after another 24/48 hours of madness, of hallucination, of psycho? How angry I am about myself now that I didn’t stay with them at home to console them another day, allow them to foreclose on what they have been through and for me to just be with the real mother?This mother was anxious and full of fears for what will be, as she asks “how long will this round take”? She blames herself that she can’t do more to protect her children.
She like many of us asks herself “Whether to get out because I don’t want to leave our house so much”. In the end she said to her children… “Everything will be ok, going back to routine as they came to school.
Schools New Trophy
The school we told you about in our last newsletter has a new trophy… it was found on the playground this morning. .
Iron Dome Intercepter Nose
The new trophy is the nose portion of an Iron Dome rocket that intercepted a Kassam over the school on Monday night.
How Far Can They Run In 15 Seconds
It’s just not parents and children that suffer. The elderly are in a precarious predicament. How far can a 73 year old who uses a cane or a walked run in 15 seconds?
So we hope and pray and wait to see what Friday will bring. We know all too well that is doesn’t happen this Friday it WILL happen on some other day. That’s the way it has been for the past 18 years.
Thank You for your  continuer prayes, love and support.

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