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Our Summer Project Completed

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We told you a while ago that we were going to do an extreme make over to one of our schools here in Sderot. This would be the third school we painted and fixed up during the summer vacation.

In the past we would take on a job like this and see who YAH would send to help us . In the past we always had one of our friends just happen to come to Sderot and ask…”how can we help?” Stephen has spent two of his vacations helping us work on two of the schools and Arv came to help us on one school.

But this year Stephen got married and couldn’t come and Arv width=

had been here a few months earlier and helped us on a different project so this would become a family project as my wife and daughter came to help and by the grace of YAH we walked out at 2 a.m. in the morning on the day the school reopened. 

Once the color scheme was chosen we were off and running and for the next thirty seven day and 472 hours we patched, sanded, painted, installed frames around bulletin boards and decluttered the school.

At one point we realized that we needed an electric staple gun to help speed up the recovering of all the bulletin board. We sent an email off to Stephen asking for help and within 3 days the staple gun was in the mail to us.

The teachers came back to school to pretty newly painted classroom to decorate and the students started a new school year in what almost looked like a new school.

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