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Rocket City

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Editor’s Note… I would like to thank Marc and Ruth Villiger  and their organization for coming to Sderot to make this video “Rocket City”. It is in my opinion one of the best documentary’s made to date that tells and shows the reality of life in Sderot.  They have graciously given us their permission to post and use their video … To Marc and Ruth THANK YOU !

Rocket City

The reality of Sderot is an important topic to get out to the world. I was recently given a link to a video that was made here just a few months ago. It tells of the reality of life in Sderot even when things appears to be quiet and life should be as normal and that is such a misunderstanding about our situation.

Have you ever heard of “ATSS” Accumulative Traumatic Stress Syndrome? … That is what we suffer from , you see there is no end to our stress or the fear of where and when the next Kassam will land. This video does a wonderful job of telling our story.

For the first time you will hear the term “Accumulative Trauma” (ATSS) which is the truth of the matter and not PTSS

Rocket City from Augenzeugen on Vimeo.

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