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The Past 24 Hours and 200 Kassams

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This was the first time in 6 years we have been married that my wife and I have left Sderot; we were gone for three days. I have lived in Sderot for 12 years and my wife has lived all her life in Sderot. This was the first time for us both that we did not experience any fear, if only for three day!

On our second day at 4:24 P.M. the first “Tseva Adom” alarm sounded on our phones; sure enough it was in Sderot. For the next twenty hours there would be one alarm after another; some in Sderot, some in adjacent areas. In total the alarm would sound 200 more times as Kassams were fired at innocent men woman and children.

Although we did not experience the everyday fear one lives with in Sderot ; of never knowing when the next alarm will sound or where the next Kassam will land but we did experience anxiety for our family and friends who were going through this horrific experience.

Nineteen people were and are being treated for injuries ranging from moderate to light injuries; people were treated for shock and two pregnant women went into labor as a result of the terrorist attacks.

The IDF respond by hitting 140 Hamas targets overnight. In times past once the IDF responds with force, the Kassams cease and Hamas calls for a cease fire, which Israel will accommodate.

On the drive home today we passed many tank being transported from the north down towards Sderot and supply trucks were following. Once in Sderot this afternoon the first thing I noticed we the parking lot at Mall 7 was empty, it looked like a Friday afternoon before Shabbat. The park where a Kassam fell nearby was EMPTY. Up until today the park has been filled with children playing in the water, but not today!

Summer camps and the many other summer events that were supposed to take place in the city have been canceled. Young children are afraid to go outside and many of their summer plans are now having to be changed as well.

Living with this fear has become an unfortunate way of life for us here in Sderot. Yes there are periods where there are no incoming Kassams but that does not negate the fear we live with because we never know when the next terrorist attack will take place; they never stop!

These attacks have been ongoing for the past 18 year and in that time there have been some 7000 rocket attacks and three different wars with Hamas in Gaza, none of which were offensive wars but rather defensive wars.

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When people say we suffer from “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” I have to shake my head. There in NOTHING “post” about 7000 rocket attacks and I don’t know how many “Tseva Adom” alarms over the past 18 year.

We suffer from ”Accumulative Traumatic Stress Disorder”; There is not a day that goes by that you don’t look for a place to hide while out or you jump at a loud sound, you hear “Tseva     Adom” in your mind or you drive around town with your window in the car down and the radio on low so you can hear the next “Tseva Adom”. Seat belts are supposed to make you feel safe but not in this town… you lose 3-4 seconds fumbling around to unbuckle it.

This is our life in Sderot. Your love, prayers and support have an impact on us that you will never imagine… THANK YOU!

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