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Cooking Shabbat Dinner

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We were contacted by Nadia, one of the people we helped over the past several years. She was a single mom who had lost one of her children to cancer a few years ago.

When she called, she was in the hospital for a surgical procedure. She thought she would have been discharged in time for her to be home for Shabbat, that was not going to happen. She asked if it would be possible if we could help get food to her children for Shabbat.

She had call everyone and everywhere looking for help but to no avail; we were her last hope.
We asked her the ages of her kids and what they would like to eat. After weeks of cooking for forty people every day, to cook for four was a piece of cake.

We told her not to worry, that we would have enough cooked food to get them through Shabbat. With a quick trip to the super market for milk cereal, bread, sandwich meat, some fresh fruit and yes, even some junk food, we were ready to start cooking dinner for her children.

The menu… Oven roaster chicken, Snitzel, Mashed Potatoes and Hot Dogs in a blanket. One of her children does not eat meat so there was a vegan dish for him. With three side salads, Humus, Challah, grape juice for Kiddush and some fruit juice to wash it all down with, they were good to go and mom was able to relax a bit knowing her children were taken care of.

Sunday Nadia called us to say thank you and to let us know that here children loved all that we cooked for them.
Stories like this only happen because of you, our supporters; the ones who care for us, who pray, who love us and who make  sacrifices for us, make it all happen.

From the bottom of our heart, THANK YOU!

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