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We Wish We Had Better News

October 17, 2018 by  
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Our last newsletter was about 200 rockets being fired within 24 hours. In this update, we were hoping to share with you what we have done over the summer and we will get to that, but the breaking news we need to share with you first is the current escalation of violence on the Gaza […]

The Past 24 Hours and 200 Kassams

August 9, 2018 by  
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This was the first time in 6 years we have been married that my wife and I have left Sderot; we were gone for three days. I have lived in Sderot for 12 years and my wife has lived all her life in Sderot. This was the first time for us both that we did […]

A Massive Escalation

July 14, 2018 by  
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The past 20 hours have been exceptionally rough for us here . Hamas and its affiliates have launched 134 rocket attacks against innocent men woman and children in and around Sderot. It is a situation that is unnerving for everyone in the affected areas, especially the elderly and young children. Since this current escalation began […]

Hawaii’s Trauma

January 14, 2018 by  
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In no way do I want to diminish the trauma my friends in Hawaii have just gone through when they read the alert on their tv, heard the siren whale or their cell phones went off with the message of an incoming ballistic missile.”                       […]

It Was A Very Good Year

December 30, 2017 by  
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Our hearts and prayers go out to of our friends who are in the hospital, one with heart problem and the other with a repertory infection that just won’t go away. We ask for your prayers for a fast recovery for them both. This will be the last newsletter from Sderot in 2017. It has […]

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Hope For Sderot is a humanitarian aid organization helping those living in Sderot, Israel who are victims of  terrorists kassam rocket attacks.

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