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Playing Catch up with Newsletters!

May 4, 2016 by  
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First let me apologize for taking so long between newsletters but it has been non-stopped for the past four months. Besides giving out food, delivering hot meals in the evening, preparing our brunch meal for ENOSH we have had one building project after another. Your support is what keeps Hope For Sderot going and without […]

We Need Some Help With Passover

April 10, 2016 by  
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We need your help. Passover is just a little less than two weeks and at the present rate we will not be able to help all those who are asking for help. Would you consider making a onetime gift now? For many it is hard enough to make ends meet under normal circumstances, so when […]

Sderot Through The Eyes of Stephen

February 26, 2016 by  
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 I have been to Sderot on a number of occasions and had the privilege of volunteering with Stewart Ganulin and his amazing team at Hope for Sderot. Stewart is a selfless man and one of the most talented, generous and humble individuals I have had the pleasure to meet. There is no one better to […]

It Shouldn’t be This Way!

February 19, 2016 by  
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This story is from the Jerusalem Post. It may give you an idea of life in Israel. This story is played out everyday. At his funeral in Jerusalem early Friday morning, his wife Yael, described how they had been in another part of the store with their infant daughter Netta when the teenagers pulled out […]

Tunnels and Knifes

February 14, 2016 by  
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We have reported in the past few months that Hamas is spending vast amounts of money to rebuild their terrorist tunnel system. Well just last week residents from Nir Am, The kibbutz just across the highway from Sderot complained of hearing noses coming from under their homes and have felt their floors vibrate as well; […]

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Hope For Sderot is a humanitarian aid organization helping those living in Sderot, Israel who are victims of  terrorists kassam rocket attacks.

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